The entrance to Stevenson's Cape Town gallery space used to be a loading dock for the factory that occupied the premises. On occasion gallery artists have used the ramp for the production or display of work: Odili Donald Odita conceived a mural, Serge Alain Nitegeka created a tunnel with internal obstacles, and both Robin Rhode and Mawande Ka Zenzile placed cars in the space - a mural and a real wreck, respectively. A new series at Stevenson invites young artists to create site-specific installations in the entrance space. While the English meaning of the word 'ramp' describes the project's physical parameters, its meaning in Afrikaans - 'disaster' - provides the thematic subtext of the series.

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3 September - 3 October 2015
Nyakallo Maleke

Ice Lollies Today

Spaza Space

Spaza Space

Spaza Space

23 July - 29 August 2015
Buhlebezwe Siwani

Zem'inkomo Nongqawuse (Performance)

Zem'inkomo Nongqawuse (Performance)

Zem'inkomo Nongqawuse (Performance)

16 April - 30 May 2015
Mitchell Gilbert Messina

Old Habits, 2015

Old Habits, 2015

Brand Integration, 2015

Stuck III (2015)

Day Off (2015)

Hot Air, 2015

Last Shot, 2015

Long Shot, 2015

Published (2015)

Sneaking (2015)

The Writing is on the Wall, 2015

Slipping (2015)

Stuck II (2015)

Spill, 2015

Production Budget (2015)

Foot in the Door (2015)

Dribbling (2015)

Getting Down (2015)

Stuck (2015)

5 March - 11 April 2015
Laura Windvogel/Lady Skollie