Guy Tillim
Kunhinga portraits

18 June - 19 July 2003
Taken in February 2002 in the Angolan province of Bie, near Kuito, Guy Tillim's Kunhinga portraits portray displaced people, who in the months before the end of the civil war, fled in advance of the Angolan government's "clearing" of regions where civilians had provided cover for UNITA soldiers. The subjects had walked for five days from Monge to seek refuge in the small town of Kunhinga in the safe havens provided by foreign agencies stationed in the area. These colour portraits are a new departure for Tillim who is best known for his black-and-white reportage.

The images are available in an edition of 12 pigment prints on 300g cotton paper, archivially printed by Tony Meintjes, signed and inscribed by the photographer. Paper size: 60 x 76cm, image size: 49.5 x 66cm. Please contact us as regards the current availability and price for each print.

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Arao Shingawule, Adrian Pacasi, Pedro Gitali and Jose Arao

Rosalina Nahamba holding baby Filomena Lasinda. Her daughter, Rosali Sindali holds baby Guerra

Fiorinda Ngoma, her mother Rosalia Nahamba (holding baby Filomena Lasinda), and her sister Rosali Sindali, holding baby Guerra

Justino Ngene, Laurino Bongue and Faucino Hando

Feliciano Sachova and Marcolino Kosenge

Eugenia Namukundu and Rafaela Catimba

Rosalina Wenda and Diolina Kasova

Mateus Chitangenda, Fernando Chitala and Enoke Chisingi

Brothers Bernado Sayovo and Horacio Chikambe

Sophia Salala and Ermalinda Chinhanala

Albertina Natatu and Amelia Catembo

Sisters Bertha Chquia and Jamba Rosa, and sisters Louisa Vuyuyu and Maria Namunga

Refugees, Kunhinga, I, 2003

Refugees, Kunhinga, III, 2003

Refugees, Kunhinga, IV, 2003

Refugees, Kunhinga, V, 2003

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