P e t e r   E a s t m a n

'These monotone enamel paintings reflect on our position as a viewer. They make us aware of ourselves in relation to a painting and, more broadly, of our persona and position in the world at large. They mirror our projections onto paintings, and blur the boundaries between the intention of the artist and our preconceptions. The viewer is integral to these paintings, and, in reality, the viewer's shadow and reflection is a fundamental part of the transient image. I paint in a studio in the city of Cape Town where I feel part of, but apart from, the masses of people, and in these paintings I play with my ambivalence toward anonymity in a familiar landscape'.
Eastman came to South Africa soon after he was born in 1976 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom. He grew up in Johannesburg, and matriculated at Rondebosch Boys High School in Cape Town where Henry Symonds taught art history. After a year at Michaelis School of Fine Art, he decided to make art on his own. He subsequently worked as a restorer of antiquities in London before returning to Cape Town in 1998. He has had two small solo exhibitions and his work has also been included in numerous group shows.

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Large City, 2004


Figure 1, 2004


Figure 2, 2004


Figure 3, 2004

Figure 4, 2004

Red Shadow, 2004


Black Shadow, 2004

Green Shadow, 2004


Maroon Shadow, 2004

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