Diane Victor
Recent works

4 August - 11 September 2004

Michael Stevenson Contemporary is proud to exhibit a new body of work by Diane Victor, currently teaching in the Fine Art Department at Rhodes University. Diane graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1986. She majored in drawing and etching and has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally since then. She has won numerous awards including the Financial Mail/J & B Rare Achievers Award for Art and the Volkskas Atelier Award as well as being awarded a Unesco residency in Vienna and a residency at the Johnson Studio in Vermont, USA.

Victor's new body of work consists of a series of etchings and drawings which articulate her obsession with observing and recording interactions between individuals both on a physical and psychological level. Victor is fascinated by the spatial relationships between human forms and the tension set up by their emotional interactions. Her large scale etchings incorporate mezzotinted sharped plates in combination with deep blind embossing. The central theme running through the body of work is her exploration of the formalist issues and the use of black and white as negative and positive shapes and space as well as the metaphorical associations to the socio-political environment. The tension in the contrasting black and white surfaces is heightened by the deep sharp embossing which is only visible through the delicate shadows thrown in the recesses of the paper. A series of drawings accompany the large scale etchings and playfully invert the role of women in cultural myths and nursery rhymes.

Diane Victor's work will be on show at Michael Stevenson from 4 August to 11 September 2004 at Hill House, de Smidt Street, Green Point, Cape Town on weekdays 9 - 5 and Saturdays 10 - 1. For more information tel: +27 421 2575, fax: +27 21 421 2578 or email info@michaelstevenson.com






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Martyr, Minder, Mater

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'Just click your heels, close your eyes and say, there is no place like home'

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