Claudette Schreuders

Recent Prints

26 February - 9 April 2009

Michael Stevenson is pleased to present new lithographs by Claudette Schreuders.

For Schreuders, print-making is a vital complement to her practice as a sculptor. The majority of her prints are studies of her sculpted figures. Produced after the sculptures have gone out into the world, the prints are a means of revisiting and reflecting on these works, but also have a singular, distinctive character of their own.

The series of nine lithographs titled The Fall is based on a group of sculptures exhibited on Schreuders' most recent solo show in New York (2007). She uses the prototypical characters of the biblical story of Adam and Eve to examine the trajectory of a personal relationship and the dramatic emotional events that cause a couple to draw together and drift apart. The Beginning, inspired by a medieval drawing, depicts a woman rising from the chest of a man in what is also an intensely intimate posture. A baby emerges feet-first from the stomach of a woman in Arrival, and in The Fall is held cupped in the woman's hand like an offering to her partner. Paradise is a woman with a kingfisher perched on her hand, symbolic of an unfettered spirit; Trespasser is a lone male figure, while Departure is a naked woman covering her face with her hands. Standing apart from this loose narrative is a trinity of figures: The Free Girl, The Bystander and The Virgin.

Schreuders also exhibits a large-size print, Public Figure, based on a sculpture shown at Michael Stevenson on the exhibition Afterlife (2007). Here black starlings perched on the head, shoulder and foot of a woman imbue her with a deathly stillness. The figure borrows its pose from a Greek kouros statue - arms hanging by her sides, one leg slightly in front of the other - and invokes the long tradition of public commemorative sculpture and, on a more personal level, the disjunction between our private and public selves.

All Schreuders' lithographs are hand-printed by Mark Attwood of The Artists' Press.

Schreuders was born in 1973 in Pretoria and lives in Cape Town. She previously showed her print series Burnt by the Sun and The Long Day at Michael Stevenson in 2005 and 2007. Her museum exhibition The Long Day toured university art galleries in Tempe, Arizona; San Diego, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Richmond, Virginia in 2004/5. Recent group exhibitions include Mami Wata: Arts for water spirits in Africa and its diasporas at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles (2008), travelling to the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington (2009); Disguise: The art of attracting and deflecting attention at Michael Stevenson (2008); All the More Real: Portrayals of intimacy and empathy at the Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York (2007); and Since 2000: Printmaking now at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2006).

Schreuders exhibits concurrently with David Goldblatt.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 26 February, 6 - 8pm. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

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