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Recent works

Painting to me has always had an internal justification - it is a craft that both pushes you to go out and engage with the world outside of yourself and gives you the space to reflect on that experience. Portraiture is meaningful in that you engage directly with other people and learn something of their lives and circumstances. The process gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own place in the world. The challenge is to distill that interaction. I view the relationship between myself and the subject as a very equal exchange and I attempt to honour that relationship by documenting it with as much veracity as I can.

Paint can be a confoundingly difficult medium but it does have incredible structural properties which allow the image to build up gradually – the surface being informed by everything underneath it. It is an intriquing medium, often elusive and unforgiving but also capable of incredible subtlety and depth. For me, a person who lives through my eyes, painting is a compelling way of seeing the outside world. I am not interested in “self-expression” or the construction of meaning, just looking and describing.

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Kasongo 'Beggher' Wa Pa Bowa


Sifiso, Witbank



Zwite, Witbank


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