26 May - 1 July 2011



STEVENSON opens a solo exhibition of new work by Michael MacGarry on 26 May 2011.

The connection between man's behaviour and his destiny has been destroyed; and this tragic breach is the cause of his sense of instability in the modern world. Man has arrived at the false and deadly assumption that he has no part to play in shaping his own fate.
It's only possible to communicate with the audience if one ignores that eighty percent of people, who for, some reason, have got it into their heads that we are supposed to entertain them.
- Andrei Tarkovsky

This exhibition presents a comprehensive body of new work, including small and large-scale sculpture, photography and video. The works manifest MacGarry's ongoing concern with contemporary socio-political and economic life in several key African countries, along with broader conjecture as to future projections and fictions on the continent as a whole.

Central to the exhibition is a new film titled The Race of Man, an action-comedy focused on cannibalism and the Western, Modernist-era imperative to penetrate the interior, erect large buildings, encounter ancient, autonomous civilisations and kill them. The film unpacks and parodies these uniquely male compulsions within the context of an immersive digital game platform called 'The Monoform'. Players must beat their opponents to advance through the game levels, and to complete The Monoform and exit the game, players must consume their opposites. Resistance is failure.

Selected objects from the film will accompany the screening; these form part of the artist's ongoing Animist series. A bronze sculpture titled Onan the Magnificent is a portrait of the principal character in the film.

Entertainment will also feature the launch of a limited-edition artist's publication titled The Republic of Luanda, the photographic and conceptual result of research trips to the capital of Angola over a two-year period. The book focuses on the city as it emerges as the largest net exporter of crude oil on the African continent, and the largest capital and infrastructure development partner to the People's Republic of China in Africa.

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The exhibition opens on Thursday 26 May, from 6 to 8pm.