S o u t h - e a s t   A f r i c a n   ( c i r c a   1 9 0 0 )



length: 65cm

This spoon illustrates the south-east African practice of producing variations on the form of an everyday object of material culture. The practice in this region is governed by an aesthetic of abstraction which results in headrests, staffs, knobkerries and weapons displaying interesting variations on form and volume integral to the design.

In spoons, the shafts and bowls vary in form and scale, and the relationship between these two fundamental elements is endlessly explored and reinvented. This unusually large spoon has a tear-shaped bowl and the shaft is tapered. The detailing on the shaft varies from spoon to spoon and pokerwork is used to accentuate form and design.

2003 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.