Berni Searle(1964)
‘Bleed I–IV’

lambda prints, 50.7 x 66cm

edition of 5 and 1 AP

These recent prints are part of a new series of work that will be further explored in a solo exhibition at Michael Stevenson in May 2005. Later in the year Searle will work with the Graphic Studio at the University of South Florida in Tampa to develop editioned prints based on these images, which will be shown at the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

Here the artist has inserted forms made of red crępe paper into hot water, recording the bleeding of the colour as the shapes and tones transmute. The structured and defined shapes slowly lose their recognisable form and become part of the poetic yet ominous swirls of red which, with time, dilute to shades of pink. Our personal associations and interpretations of this elegiac imagery in the times in which we live are infinite.

Over the past year Searle’s work has featured on a number of high- profile international exhibitions, including ‘Dwellan’ – Lingering images at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; the fifth Shanghai Biennale; Personal affects: power and poetics in contemporary South African art at the Cathedral of St John the Divine and the Museum for African Art in New York; and Hang in there, my dear Geum-Sun at the 2004 Busan Biennale, Korea. In January 2005 her work will be included on Presence at the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

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