Tracy Payne (1965 - )
‘Budding Yin II’, 2004

oil on canvas, diptych, 130 x 130cm each

signed and dated bottom left ‘Payne 04’

Budding Yin II is a continuation of and progression from an extensive body of work begun in 2002 when the artist traveled to Tokyo in search of the sakura or cherry blossom. There she also discovered an interest in kinbaku, the erotic art of rope bondage. The resulting paintings combine images of the nude woman bound, symbolic of the Buddhist concept of samsara or conditioned existence, with the cherry blossom as reminder of the hope that lies in the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth. Her signature style combines photographic precision in layers of varying transparency with abstract washes of colour.

In latest variations such as Budding Yin II, Payne combines these now familiar elements with use of the new formal device of the mirror image. For the artist this refers both to reflection on the self, and the way in which people mirror each other as parts of the same whole. On another level Payne acknowledges a new interest in sacred geometry, pattern and repetition. The title refers to the potential embodied in the rebirth of the yin or feminine principle.

Payne will hold a solo exhibition of new work at Michael Stevenson in September 2005. She held an acclaimed solo show at the UCT Irma Stern Museum in May 2004, and exhibited recent works at Michael Stevenson in August 2004.

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