Peter Eastman (1976 - )
‘City/Stad’, 2003–4

lambda prints laid on board

50 x 100cm, edition of 10

100 x 200cm, edition of 3

Peter Eastman uses a similar technique as the basis for both his high-gloss, reflective enamel paintings – exhibited at Michael Stevenson in July 2004 – and prints such as this one. He works from a photograph, scanned into the computer and reworked in a vector drawing program, which allows the resulting image to be scaled up in size without loss of detail or resolution. The result is invariably a slick and seamless reflection of Eastman’s aesthetic, concerned with the surface or skin of things as a force that simultaneously repels and invites penetration.

Eastman works from a studio in a high-rise building in Cape Town’s centre, with spectacular views of the surrounds. In this print, looking across town towards Table Bay, the impression is of a cityscape distilled to its architectural essence, the chaos of urban living reduced, in an isolated moment of clarity, to the interplay of geometric planes and subtle gradations of colour.

See the catalogue Reflective which accompanied Eastman’s show at Michael Stevenson for a night-time cityscape, the enamel painting Large City.

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