J o h n   M u r r a y    ( 1 9 7 3  - )
‘Good vibes, bad vibes’, 2004

oil on canvas, enamel on wood, 194 x 225cm

signed and dated bottom left ‘Murray 04’

This painting explores some of the conflicting opinions that prevail about Zimbabwe, and specifically how it is often portrayed, reductively, in the media as issues of black and white.

Good vibes, bad vibes was triggered by an old Rhodesian stamp, which features a portrait of the Queen of England who hovers over a romanticised depiction of a farm worker. This is ironic, not only in that it is doubtful that there could have been anything romantic about being a farm worker in those days, but also because the power relations in the current Zimbabwean situation have shifted dramatically since then.

John Murray exhibited a series of life-size cut-outs at Michael Stevenson Contemporary in June 2004 and will show new works at the gallery in mid-2005.

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