S t a n l e y   P i n k e r    ( 1 9 2 4  - )
‘At the dawn of the space age’, 1982

mixed media on card, 39 x 55.5cm

signed and dated centre left ‘SF Pinker 82’

On the occasion of Stanley Pinker’s 80th birthday, works from his private collection, spanning the last three decades, were exhibited at Michael Stevenson in December 2004 to January 2005. To coincide with this exhibition, a monograph was published which includes extended captions by the artist describing the complex iconography of his work as well as an interview with Michael Stevenson.

The subject of this collage is the models at the Michaelis School of Fine Art where he lectured for almost two decades. Over the years he painted Aysa, Lily, Alma, Mary and Rose many times, and in this work he has combined pencil studies of each of them along with script, the printed blue patterns on the inside of envelopes, and wrapping paper with stars, all laid on a piece of patterned blue fabric. This work illustrates the process of assemblage of objects, materials and images that is integral to Pinker’s work. It is reproduced in Michael Stevenson, Stanley Pinker, Cape Town, 2004, p5.

His closing thoughts in the interview, reflecting on a lifetime of painting, warrant quoting: ‘My aim [has been] to communicate with everybody and not selectively. I feel that art, literature, music and painting provide spiritual support. They should move the spirit and make us aware, and in that way I intend my paintings to make statements. I still have hope. I believe that art is one of the major optimisms; it is a life-support system, an affirmation of life.’

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