Peter Clarke (1929 - )

mixed media
50 x 35cm

Since time immemorial, through all the rise & fall of seatide,
movement of treacherous currents, threatening weather & raging
storms, we have been lurking in these waters, waiting to lure
unwary seamen & their ships to watery graves. But I am so
tired of this. It is so destructive, so pointless.
One night a drowning sailor managed to mutter to me,"Such a
waste of talent. You should be singing in opera where an audience
will appreciate hearing you." Then before he could say any-
thing else he perished in a burst of bubbles. I wept for him.
When I mentioned to one of my sisters what the sailor said, she
retorted, "Oh, come off it. Singing at the NY met or La Scala in
Milan or the Sydney Opera House or even Artscape in Cape Town.
After swimming all these centuries in the sea we've got fish tails
not legs & scales on our skin. Looking like this, can you imagine
yourself playing the lead in Aida or Tosca? So perish the
thought & stop being foolish."
But I've been wondering if I can't swim in competition in the
Olympics for Greece or Turkey. I could sing while doing so.
Ravel or De Bussy. In the process I could confuse & devastate
all other swimmers. That should be great fun.

2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.