Peter Clarke (1929 - )

mixed media
50 x 35cm

She's employed in a cigarette factory across town. But
unfortunately there she is busy creating a reputation
for herself as a trouble maker. She is definitely not a
lady although, in actual fact, she's so attractive men
can't take their eyes off her. Of course she's aware of
this, the coquette. The smile, the eyes fluttering…
Look at her movements & listen to the way she sings
the Habanera. Such a rich mezzo-soprano, such deep,
deep feeling, out of her soul.
Among her admirers naturally there is rivalry for
her affection. But she plays the one off against the
others. A dangerous game.
One tells her, "I can't live without you."
Another says, "We are destined for each other."
In the end it will surprise nobody if one of them, mad
with a combination of jealousy & passion, says, "Jou
bitch, vir jou maak ek net een ding. Ek stiek jou vrek."

© 2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.