Peter Clarke (1929 - )
Miss Haversham

mixed media
50 x 35cm

It was all a bit pointless. Of course Miss Haversham should have
decided not to spend the rest of her life seated at that table laden
with her wedding feast all covered with gauze to keep off flies &
dust. At some stage she should have told herself, "This is a whole lot of
crap, such a waste of time. Okay, so my beloved, my hero - the
swine - dumped me. But it might be that the two of us weren't
meant to get married. Maybe we weren't meant for each other. Perhaps
what happened to me was the best thing that could have happened."
A pause for reflection.
"So now what I'm going to do is pull myself together."
With that she could have brushed the dust off her wedding gown,
gone to the kitchen & made herself a nice cup of Rooibos Tea. Then
coming back, she could cut herself a generous slice of
wedding cake - a bit stale perhaps - & got stuck into it.
Chewing, she might have said, "Lovely flavour. It's the brandy. Well
preserved. It really has kept superbly."
Of course when the young Pip came on the scene, Miss Haversham, in
the frame of mind she was in, would have been pleased to see him.
"Such a sweet child. So absolutely charming." She'd dust off a chair & invite
him to have a seat at the laden table then go to make him a nice
cup of Rooibos Tea also. Then she'd let him help himself to
refreshment. After that why shouldn't the story end happily ever after?

2003 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.