Peter Clarke (1929 - )
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

mixed media

50 x 35cm

In retrospect I must confess I am of the opinion that I had a
peculiar & unsatisfactory childhood. It was an abused childhood even
though there was a great deal of admiration received from persons in
important positions in society, the well-off, the famous, prince-bishops,
aristocracy, royalty.
It was wonderful having admiring receptive audiences for our playing
where ever we went. But it was tiring this always having to get into
yet another coach to go & perform in halls in mansions, castles, palaces
in one city after another & from one country to another.
Sometimes I wished I could stay at home to play top, a game of marbles
or hide & seek with other children of my age instead of going off
again to play a sonata for yet another important person I did not

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