Peter Clarke (1929 - )
The Queen of Sheba

mixed media
50 x 35cm

We were welcomed by Solomon & entered his court to
the delightful strains of what is best described as jewelled
music, composed especially for this occasion, by his
master of court music, a man named George Friedrich
Solomon, a delightful host was everything I had heard
of him, much, much more. What happened between us
was meant to happen. It was written in the stars & I
regretted nothing. Passionately he whispered in my ear,
'Loveliness, when you go from here to your kingdom, we
go together, you with me, I with you.' Nine months
later our son Menelik was born.
At times seemingly effortlessly words travel even over
the great stretches of desert wastes. Yes, afterwards
a white bird told me that one of Solomons wives, obviously
a queen but nevertheless a vulgar person, remarked,
"It just goes to prove that with his smooth tongue
our Solly can bring out the bitch in any woman &
charm her knickers right off her."

2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.