Peter Clarke (1929 - )

mixed media
50 x 35cm

Uriah, my husband, cannot, should not, must not be held responsible
for what happened. So noble, he was not responsible.
Although - in a rather peculiar way we can twist things
so that the King & I can lay the blame on him.
Uriah was such a stickler for propriety & doing his duty
& principles & all that kind of thing that he was a bit
tedious at times. I suppose it was this that made me go
& take baths on the roof of my house. The open air
& bathing with the sun shining on my naked skin was such
a delight. But in a way I suppose it was tempting fate.
Perhaps it was being a little perverse. But I thought of it
as being private & therefore safe. I did not realize
King David's eyes could see that far. David saw me,
we were attracted to each other & history took its course.
At times I think of how unwise & rash our actions were.
Such agony. But I look at our child Solomon, all innocence,
& hope God will favour him with wisdom.

2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.