Peter Clarke (1929)

mixed media
50 x 35cm

Oh, mighty Pharoah, when I was designing this fan for her majesty the Queen, I bore
her personage in mind, that of the Hereditary Princess, Great of Favour, mistress of
Happiness, Great & Beloved wife of the King. I thought in terms of a combination
of colour & light, beauty and elegance, yet with the emphasis on simplicity,
something strikingly suggestive of transformation & of the new Age in the Kingdom.

My dear Bazalel, it is absolutely appropriate. You can be sure of the fact that
Queen Nefertiti will be more than pleased with this piece. Such exquisite workmanship.
This time you have really surpassed your usual unquestioned high standards.

Oh, Lord Akhenaton, gracious majesty, such kind words.

2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.