Willem Boshoff
Closed Ballot


floor piece

rosewood, imbuia, glass, sandblasted text
44 x 54cm long 18.5cm high

two ballot boxes with the voting mouths sealed up, on each ballot box are eight words describing privileged voting practices that only benefit some voters in a large community

On the one ballot box is inscribed: chromatocracy, kleptocracy, hoplarchy, xenocracy, kakistocracy, heterarchy, cormorancy, albocracy; and on the other box: gerontocracy; chirocracy, logocracy, oligarchy, plousiocracy, phallocracy, coprocracy, hierocracy. The meanings of these words are:

Box 1: chromatocracy: the rule by people of the same skin colour over people of a different colour; kleptocracy: the rule of thieves; hoplarchy: military rule; xenocracy: the rule of foreigners; kakistocracy: rule by the worst citizens; heterarchy: the rule of an alien force; cormorancy: rule by a greedy and oppressive class; albocracy: rule by 'white' men or Europeans

Box 2: gerontocracy: the rule of old men; chirocracy: the rule by the 'strong hand' often at the 'hand' of military force; logocracy: the rule by fancy words; oligarchy: the rule by a small group of privileged persons; plousiocracy: the rule of the wealthy; phallocracy: the rule of men only; coprocracy: Koster's word for "the rule of shits"; hierocracy: the rule by the church

2005 Michael Stevenson. All rights reserved.