6 June - 20 July 2013

Dineo Seshee Bopape

Kgoro ya go tŠwa: even
if you fall from a circle

STEVENSON is pleased to present a solo show by Dineo Seshee Bopape. In the artist's words -

Even if you fall off a circle

The exit- kgoro ya go tswa.... I first heard this term recently, I read it off a board at the joburg botanical gardens, it is so formal.... kgoro is like a court.... so the meaning would be - or

the direct translation into English would be : the court for exiting...

Even if you fall off a circle-

Featuring the works

:"why do you call me when you know I can't answer the phone" and "is I am sky" and other pieces, contemplating the idea-

the titles, of the show and of some of the works in the show are sourced/inspired by various sources...

a line from a poem by sun ra, a line from a text by andile mngxitama and a song by joan armatrading

It is not so much the song that gripped me, but that line- that line for some reason stuck in my head- resonating with particular moments in some of my current and older videos - where phones ring/a phone rings constantly without an answer, door bells, alarm clocks, bells etc.

.... like an invitation/ an unsettled proposal

an invitation that cannot be accepted: an invitation signalling a suspension of this (segment)

a call that goes unanswered...

(Who has to answer it? The protagonists in the video? Is it there to be answered or is it part of the cacophony)

The protagonists if any are oblivious to it-

Oblivious to the oblivion

People always go crazy when there is an external something that begs for too much attention, but if it remains unanswered/if it is unacknowledged it also signals an agitated/numbed mind or emotional state:



Oblivious to the oblivion

Perhaps this call suggests an external begging presence...

An alarm of sorts, a warning, a disturbance that enters the ___, something that will change the course of everything, a disturbance, a frenzy

There is the viewer... the space of the video- and that other space... where that caller calls from?

I imagine the title- sounding like a distant echo...

The show is comprised of some new video works... Which have been in the making for the past 2 years or so... the one which is also the title of the show, and also is I am sky...

Some of the footage recurs in both videos- as it was edited simultaneously/ within the same time period...

I continue to work on ideas of memory, time, space, narration, trauma , displacement, nonsense etc.

There has not been a radical shift in the work...

Well if there is it is still invisible to me...

I have been thinking of memory loss, inspired by how my father's brain works.... He has for the past few years been afflicted with alzheimers, a disease/condition that kind of eats at one's brain and memory.. things are forgotten, people, objects, language... the ways in which things relate- in language, in time... everything collapses

Things that once made perfect sense become illogical and alien...

It is a place where it is impossible to hold a cohesive narrative: because things are disjointed- everything is displaced , sense is temporarily/forever exiled...

Memory loss, a loss of self/subjectivity, displacement, self presence, a loss of frame, a loss of ground, a cavity that has been opened into a parallel space- where the rules are otherwise, where another perforated logic exists

A blur of context, a dissolution of context, suspension of sense, a loss of ground...

special thanks to the Fountainhead Residency, Headlands Center for the Arts, the Darling Foundry, Stevenson, Nirox, Emile Stipp for the support and of course my family and friends near and far

Bopape will exhibit concurrently with Meschac Gaba.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 6 June, from 6 to 8pm.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.