27 October - 6 December 2011

Zander Blom


STEVENSON Johannesburg is pleased to present a solo exhibition of paintings by Zander Blom, following Paintings. Drawings. Photos. at Stevenson Cape Town in 2010.

In this latest body of work Blom continues to play in the space where the history of art collides with the immediacy of objects. The show is dedicated entirely to paintings in oil on canvas, with Blom expanding his focus to explore how colour operates sculpturally on canvas. Flat planes of pigment are introduced into a palette that was previously dominated by black line and the beige of untreated Belgian linen. As a gesture of challenge to expectations about contemporary painting practice, the artist revels in the simple delight of the easel, reiterating his commitment to the generative loop of artist and studio. Blom writes:

The term 'easel painting' is one I'm very fond of. It suggests many things, but above all the possibility of a life that is uncomplicated, unaffected, even peaceful.

It is a place where you do not need to rely on the efforts of a whole team of assistants or a massive production budget for a successful outcome. A place where an individual can work at their own pace on their own terms, relying almost solely on their wit, intellect, ability, instinct and critical sense. Where each work, no matter what shape or size, can be equally important or effective. A place where you can sit down, have a cup of coffee and read a book while trying to figure out how to solve a new problem.

Blom was born in Pretoria in 1982 and lives in Johannesburg. His first US solo show, Zander Blom: Place and Space, a travelling exhibition hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design, opens in Savannah, Georgia, on 14 October 2011. Recent solo shows have taken place at Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerp, and 5x6x9, Berlin. Group shows include Geography of Somewhere at Stevenson Johannesburg (2011); Ampersand at Daimler Contemporary, Berlin (2010); and ZA: Young art from South Africa, Palazzo Delle Papesse, Siena, Italy. His work is currently included on The Global Contemporary: Art worlds after 1989 at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany (17 September 2011 - 5 February 2012). In 2009 he was selected for the Younger than Jesus artists' directory published by the New Museum, New York.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 27 October, 6-8pm.

Gallery hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturday 10am to 1pm. Stevenson Johannesburg will be closed for the holiday season from 10 December, reopening on 9 January.